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clean icons
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Welcome to mellafe's graphic journal. If you like simple but pretty icons, this is the place to check out. I really like to make simple icons, not using too many brushes or textures, so just go through the entries and remember to FRIEND the community if you like what you see.

# If you take an icon, I ask that you please, comment. That way I know what kind of icons you like the most. It also makes me really, really happy.
# Don't hotlink.
# Textless icons are NOT bases, so don't take those icons, add text and then post them as your own. I'm not a big fan of using text in the icons I make sometimes, but that does not mean that I just cut an image. There is work into the icons, coloring and such, so don't.
# Pimp and enjoy. Oh, and comment. Really. Makes me happy.

If you'd like to affiliate with more_icons, just email me or comment. I'll get back to you.

List of Affiliates:
savagebloom, circa77, grrliz_icons, moodshine_, vendemiaire, iconseeyou, broadmanicnc, talentspotting, goldlighticons, apparating, netherfield_x, immobulus_icons

List of Resources:
teh_indy, miggy, _joni, eightyfour_, dearest, icons_with_love, grrliz, hermintage, beatkicks, 77words, ewanism, _jems, MagicBox, Hybrid-Genesis, icontable generator, Bruno's Honeypot, ownthesunshine, freshmakers, weapon_icons, broadmaninc.

dafont, fonts.com, cap_it, Google Images.

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